Oktober 2016 we visited Middelburg, capital of the province of Zeeland.

Middelburg was built in the 9th century. Europe was threatened by the vikings at that time and to protect the people, a fortified city was build. Since this town was right in between two other fortified cities, they called it ‘the middle borg’ – Middelburg!


While walking through the city you might feel like going back in the days. But not all the houses and buildings are as old as you might think!


A big part of the city was destroyed during the 2nd World War. During a fight between the French and the Nazi’s, there was an outbreak of fire. Because the whole city had been evacuated before, there was no one to extinguish the flames. Rapidly all houses were disappearing in smoke.


They say the pictures from that time remind of those from the bombing of Rotterdam. Though if you look at both cities now, Middelburg definitely restored her historic character much better than Rotterdam! What happened?
I’ve been told the Nazi general who was in charge of Middelburg was an architect. He gave the orders to rebuild the town in it’s old style. Even during the war the first buildings would rise from the ashes.


It’s great to wander down the little streets, knowing you’ll never get lost in such a small town. After a day of sightseeing a must visit is Restaurant Scherp. A fancy restaurant with great atmosphere! They linked multiple houses to each other, to create a restaurant existing of all small rooms and corners. It’s different than what you’re used to 🙂

Scherp by day
Scherp by night
Scherp by night

And remember, it’s not just the city that should be enjoyed! If we talk about the Dutch fighting the water, it’s a lot of talk about Zeeland. The famous Delta Works are here, to protect the land from the sea.
Look at all the little kytes! A windy day is best to be enjoyed in this area.


Well, after a long day we’re getting off to bed. We get to stay over at the Roosevelt hostel. Oh my! They built every room differently, which gives every place a unique character. It was one of the best beds I’ve slept in for a long time!


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Disclaimer: this trip was made as a presstrip. Of course my opinion will always be my own. She’s not for sale 😉