2015 has been a great summer! One of the best moments to enjoy Amsterdam.
As you can see in our Summer in Amsterdam video we explored many parts of the city. From swimming in the canals to SAIL Amsterdam.

Talking about Sail, I’ve explored the festival multiple days. Also bringing my canon for some good old black ‘n white shots.

Amsterdam-sail-black-white-1 kopie

The first sight when arriving at Sail – all the boats entering the harbor just behind central station. Small boats and big boats coming together. Such an impressive view.

Amsterdam-sail-black-white-3 kopie

Look to the left, and look to the right.
See how the boats vary in sizes 😉

Amsterdam-sail-black-white kopie

With our own little boat we could get pretty close to the bigger ones. Glad the people in front of us just turned left at the right moment.

Amsterdam-sail-black-white-1-6 kopie

Amsterdam-sail-black-white-2 kopie

Sail is a moment for chilling. Boats go slow, it’s all about the show!

Amsterdam-sail-black-white-1-4 kopie

Visiting the tall ships brings you back in time.

Amsterdam-sail-black-white-1-5 kopie

And when evening falls, it’s only lights and music.

Amsterdam-sail-black-white-4 kopie