the Wilhelm Tell Express | Luzern to Lugano | Switzerland

For those ending up here who don’t know me, or have never seen any of my videos: I love Switzerland. I feel extremely lucky to have been able to cross this country many times, and one highlight definitely has been the Wilhelm Tell Express, going from Luzern to Lugano.

About the Wilhelm Tell Express

The Wilhelm Tell Express nowadays is the Gotthard Panorama Express. A combination of a steamboat ride and a panoramic train right after. A great combination!

Wilhelm Tell Express

The steamboats are amongst the first touristic attractions in Switzerland. And as I say in the video, the one we were riding was even 10 years older than Titanic. They are maintained very well, and really give you a glimpse of what luxury was back in the days.
You can eat on the boat in a nice dining room, and enjoy the views on the deck.

The boat will go from village to village, so you could also hop off and on again if you’d wish.

The panoramic train goes through and over the mountains, with the little church of Wassen as a highlight. You’ll see it from three different angles during the trip, cause the train goes through an ingenious criss cross of tunnels. It’s kind of a weird thing to grasp in your mind really 😉

The whole trip takes around 5.30 hours.
We got a Swiss Travel Pass, which is very convenient if you are up for a lot of public transport in Switzerland.

villages at lake lucerne

What to do in Luzern

Luzern is a beautiful town, so if the weather is nice definitely just get lost in the streets. Hike around the lake, walk over the Chapel Bridge (and look up!) and go up the hills for a nice view over town.

In the evening we went to Stadtkeller. A restaurant with a whole entertainment program: from blowing the alp horns to yodeling. You can order a cheese fondue when it’s 30 degrees outside, which is quite strange for the locals 😉 I had my doubts before entering, cause it sounded really touristy. But the performers really know how to entertain a crowd. It was a lot of fun in the end!

Because it was so hot, we were glad we could go Stand up Paddling in Caribbean Village. There is also a bar in here, gourmet nights, salsa nights, you name it. A whole lot to keep you entertained!

We slept in Hotel des Balances. Good locations, good rooms and most mesmerizing of all: sushi at breakfast. It tasted good, but that was definitely the first time I had some raw fish in the morning 😉

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