After making our video about The Hague, I got an email from The Penthouse. It’s this fancy, high up restaurant where we shot our views over the city.

Well guess what? They liked the video, and invited us for a high tea! So there we went. On a sunny afternoon. Off to one of the highest points in the surroundings.


The Penthouse is situated on the top floor of The Hague Tower. If you take a closer look to it’s architecture, you can imagine why people also call this building ‘The Iron’.


Entering the building, you’ll find this promise. Forget the city and see the world from a totally different perspective.


And this is what you’ll get, going all the way up! The Hague, all the way to the beach.

Penthouse-Haagse-toren-1 kopie

Let’s get into the high tea while enjoying the view 😉 There are a lot of little sweets to enjoy in here.



Well of course you can’t have a high tea, with a huge amount of tea. Here you can get your cup filled any moment you want too at the tea pyramid. I actually realized I like it you don’t need a waiter every time you want a new tea. Just talk, nibble from the food and drink when ever you feel like it.


I could spend quite a few hours here! And I think we did 😉 Just lost track of time 🙂