Growing up in the south of the Netherlands, I didn’t experience the flowerfields till my late 20’s. Everyone thinks about flowers when thinking of the Netherlands, but actually only a small part is covered with them in spring!
I must say though, when seeing all the colors – like a colorful blanket – I was sold. It’s so beautiful! Pictures can’t even do it justice. But ok, let’s still try 😉


The flowerfields are best enjoyed (in my opinion) just in the ‘wild’. Take a bike or car and explore the country side! I don’t even remember where this picture is taken exactly. Just imagine flowers and flowerfields being all around you 😀


Wouldn’t you love to live here?!
I would.


Getting close to the flowers, on a hazy morning. All covered in early morning dew.


Making our way to the Keukenhof! Where you can enjoy all kind of flowers, very close to each other. They use special techniques to make the fields colorful for 8 weeks in a row.


Ha! That one was just hiding there! Caught you 😉


In the fields you’ll find many of the same kind of flowers in one row. But at the Keukenhof it’s just one wild party. Flower party 😉


At the end of season. If you look at the field you’ll almost see no flowers no more. Still a typical Dutch picture though, with the modern windmills and no mountain to be seen anywhere! It keeps amazing me how flat my country is. Even though I’ve lived here my whole life.

If you can’t get enough of the flower fields, check out the video I made about the Keukenhof and a little road trip through North Holland.

And how about these drone shots! 😀