Bulalacao | Off the beaten track in Mindoro, the Philippines

Ten tourists per week, they said. And it was high season!
When we kind of accidentally ended up in Bulalacao 2 years ago, we were surprised by the small village. The beautiful islands in the surroundings, the open and friendly people and the funky tours. A destination perfect for people who love to see the off the beaten track side of the Philippines, with still a bit of tourism infrastructure.

Tours in Bulalacao

Of course, it’s the Philippines, there is always an island hopping tour. This one provided some very nice beaches without any other tourist. Bring your own lunch! Just ask around at your hotel, or arrange it through the fisherman on the shore.

It’s worth it to take a little hike through town. Where daily rural life is fascinating to see. Fish is being left to dry all around and there are lots of coconut farms. We had a lot of chit chats here and there, which was quite enjoyable!

The last tour we did, was the grande tour of the surroundings. Visit the villages in the hills, the mango farms and more of the beaches scattered around the shore.

In the evening there were a lot of basketbal games. I believe there was a local tournament. It was good entertainment to sit there between the locals, cheering for the local club.

Where to sleep in Bulalacao

We stayed at South Drive, a local guesthouse with some nice rooms in the middle of town. They were building a resort back then, which is finished by now. It looked quite promising back then, so would be curious what it looks like!

There are not a whole lot of other options in Bulalacao to sleep. Some small resorts, from which some on the islands. We did a daytrip to Tambaron Green Beach Resort, but for some reason we didn’t feel very welcome here. Maybe it was just us, so I won’t get into all details about it! Others had a great time here I read online, and the place looked beautiful, so check it out yourself I’d say.

Where to eat in Bulalacao

At South Drive. The only restaurant in town back in the days! Or in your resort. There’s not much of a choice 😉