Port Barton, pearl of Palawan

Visiting Port Barton for the first time in 2015, she felt like a little paradise. Just a long stretched beach with a small village, only accessible by a very bumpy dirt road. A laid back vibe with some hotels and restaurants, far from busy and touristy El Nido.

Returning in 2017 I saw some changes. More boats on the shore, and hotels popping up. Also more – very nice – restaurants and nice places for breakfast on the beach. But most important of all, the chill vibes are still there!

I love the people here, all very open and friendly. It’s hard to describe, but Port Barton is that place where people go for 2 nights and end up spending a whole week there. Just cause they keep on thinking: ooh, one night extra won’t hurt would it ๐Ÿ˜‰

As you can see I made three videos about this little gem. Most videos I made of any place besides Amsterdam – my hometown. I have a huge place in my heart for Port Barton, so I definitely hope you’ll check it out on your next Palawan trip. See the charm for yourself, I am so sure you won’t regret it.

Tours in Port Barton

Most famous is – of course – the island hopping. A perfect one day trip, exploring the exceptionally good reefs and exploring some sandy beaches. You’ll have a very high chance of spotting sea turtles here, which got me quite excited.

Or go multiple days, staying on the beaches of pristine islands, all by yourself. No resort, no music, no worries ๐Ÿ˜‰

There’s not much to be found about tour operators in Port Barton online. But if you walk the beach, you’ll meet a lot of friendly boatmen / women who are happy to guide you around. My favorite is Jeremy! He is becoming famous cause many tourists love him, and feature him in their vids and blogs. For a good reason, he is a very special man.

Ask for Jeremy on the beach or reach out to him on the Jake and Jeremy tours Facebook page I created for him. No worries though if there isn’t a reaction as soon as you might be used to in modern day society. Lack of WIFI is part of the charms of Port Barton.

Where to sleep in Port Barton

During my 2 visits, I slept in 2 places. The first one is Greenviews. This link provides the hotel in El Nido, but ask them for the place in Port Barton! It’s at the far end of the beach, normally a quiet place (unless there is any kind of party, which happened to me last time for 1 night). Rooms are ok, and staff is friendly but not arranging things might take time.

A very nice, secluded and luxury option is Secret Paradise Resort. You pay more for a room, but the location is absolutely amazing! And if you’re lucky and in the right season, you might even see the baby turtles hatch on the beach. Going into town is a bit harder from here, but there is enough to do to keep you busy. No worries there!

Where to eat in Port Barton

There are so many options that popped up in town since 2 years ago. I LOVE Gorgonzola Pizza. They have the biggest wood oven pizza but also very, very nice healthy breakfasts and very good salads. There are vegan options in town, and ask for the banana burger too!

NOTE: links might be affiliate. You don’t pay anything extra, I just get a commission if you book anything, that’s all ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a nice way to make a bit of money from travel advise given with love!