Beautiful little pearl in South East Asia. I went to the Philippines already two times. Our first travel taking us to Palawan and Mindoro, and a second trip to Batanes and Banaue.
Along the road we encountered some amazing lonely islands.

Check out this video about Bulalacao for example:

Or what about Itbayat?!

Well of course we didn’t only make videos of the places we encountered. All those sandy white beaches just must be caught in photo too!

Filipijnen-9 kopie

Some of my favorite beaches, were around Bulalacao. Bulalacao itself already isn’t a very touristy spot, but the islands around it will probably be deserted when you arrive. And oh my, are they beautiful πŸ˜€

Filipijnen-6 kopie

When going by boat from El Nido to Coron, you’ll also encounter a lot of beautiful white stripes in a blue ocean. That little hut over there, that’s where I would want to be!

yCoron Palawan_

We also discovered the islands around Tapik Beach. It’s just an hour or two away from El Nido, but it seems like a different world. The islands in the surroundings might not be as spectaculair as the Bacuit Archipel, but you’ll be sure to have them for yourself. And consider, not amazingly perfect still means: very stunning πŸ˜‰


And check out the sunset at Tapik Beach! Oh my…. those colors πŸ˜€


Last but not least, we explored Port Barton. One of our very first, and popular video’s. Can imagine why, because the combination of beach, islands, friendly people and a laid back atmosphere, really make it a place worth visiting



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