Coron, Palawan, Philippines. Best of the islands

Far from the mainland of Palawan, lies Coron. Or Busuanga, as the whole island is called.

I liked Coron a lot. The town is bigger than El Nido, and quite nice and lively. The surroundings have some very beautiful spots, like the two lakes: Kayangan lake and Barracuda lake.

What Coron is mostly famous for is it’s WW II shipwrecks. Some of them only accessible by diving, but others so close to the surface you can snorkel to them.

If you’re up for an other kind of adventure: climb mount Dalara. A nice daytrip, with a hike that’s not all too hard.

And of course there is the Zoo / safari experience. Which got me so puzzled, I never did that tour 😉 haha. But if you did, let me know how it was! I am very curious for it.

Where to sleep in Coron

That’s a good question. I’ve went to several places:

First year we went to Kaba-Kaba guesthouse. We had a good time with the owner, and the huts are nice! It is also a bit out of town. Which makes it nice and quiet in the night (love that!) but also a bit of a challenge to go for dinner. Hitchhiking to town, getting a taxi back at night. Nothing too bad though, but as a girl traveling alone I wanted to be more in town next year.

So I went to Tezz & Patricks place. The place is inexpensive, and the room small but ok. I loved the lady helping out, she was so friendly!

Where to tour in Coron

People ask me this all the time, but I hardly ever book tours online. Unless it’s something you need to be in time for. But in Coron there are so many boats and tour operators, you shouldn’t worry. All give you about the same tour, with good food and the nice spots. So just go into one of the offices besides the street and book! Prices are about the same everywhere. You can shop for a few pesos more or less, but I’d suggest you enjoy the surroundings instead 😉

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