Living in an amazing city such as Amsterdam, inspires to explore! When I am done working for the day, I love to walk out with my camera. Looking for lights, structures and people to shoot in the streets 🙂 Some of my little experiments can be found on this page.

View on the canals, Amsterdam

I don’t need much to feel special in Amsterdam. Just exploring the canals at sunset gives me a magical feeling. The lights reflecting in the water, people on bikes hurrying home after a busy day of work. In summer you’ll see many boats floating around. But when days get shorter you’ll find the water calm and cool.

Skinny bridge Amstedam by day

One of the most beautiful bridges in Amsterdam. Impressive by day already, but come back to watch the lights turn on at night.

Skinny bridge Amsterdam by night

The canal right in front of the Royal Theatre, Carré. Many young performers dream about entering this stage one day. I can’t say it never crossed my mind 😉

Canals near Carre, Amsterdam
Lights of Carre, Amsterdam

If you don’t have a bike, you’ll always have public transport as a back up. They make great light trails in the dark. But honestly, there’s nothing better than riding your bike home at 4 in the night, a littlebit tipsy and a littlebit too loud 😉

Amsterdam tram light trails

You could call this last one light art. You could also say my hand ain’t that stable anymore at the end of the evening.

Canals Amsterdam