In my previous posts I shared my favorite Creative Commons websites, and my favorite Creative Commons artists. In that last article I focused on CC BY and SA licenses. Attribution only or attribution and Share Alike. To keep it short and sweet: both able to use commercially.

But there are also a lot of great artists making their tracks available as Creative Commons music – just not for you to use commercially. These are a few of them, some that I found and liked!

In alphabetical order:

Albin Andersson

Tags: dreamy, singer/songwriter, under CC BY ND SA license

I found Albin on Jamendo, because I was specifically searching for some dreamy music to fit with the beautiful scenery in Batanes. I ended up using a lot of his tracks, just really what I was looking for! I love ‘Connections’ and ‘Poles Apart’ specifically 🙂 Albin lives in Berlin. On his facebook page you can see exactly when he’ll do a performance, if you happen to live in Germany too!


Tags: trip-hop, band, mainly under CC BY ND license

The link to their website doesn’t work, but on Jamendo is stated Azoora is a band of multi instrumentalist John Purcell and drummer Ben Cochrane. It’s trip-hop influenced pop music (as they state themselves). I really like the sound! Almost all of their albums are under a non commercial CC license, except for this one:
Instrumentals vol. 1

Carlos Estella

Tags: cinematic music, soundscape like, epic, dramatic, under CC BY SA NC license

What I love about Carlos (Spain) is that he makes music especially for cinematic use. So if you want a dramatic feel, an emotional feel, some epic music – he is the man to go to. He says he gets his influences at Hans Zimmer and Enya for example. ‘From peaceful and spacey soundscapes to edgier sci-fi-inspired soundtracks’.
I used one of his songs in my Lijiang China video.

Sidewalk Cellist

Tags: cello, singer/songwriter, dreamy, folk, under CC BY SA ND license

Clara Shandler sings and plays the cello. With a beautiful, kind of dreamy voice, you can imagine this is a great combination! She also has her own website, and Patreon – where you can not just support her, but also get to know her a little better.

Olivier Girardot

Tags: funky, electronic, instrumental, under CC BY SA license and NC license

Olivier has a lot of songs in multiple albums on Jamendo. I would describe his style as kind of funky, electronic music. Definitely different than many other artists. Some of his albums are under a Share Alike license and you’d be able to use them commercially. Others are under a non commercial license. I never know why people choose to go half half – but there must be a good reason I’m sure 🙂 In any case: check before downloading under which license it is!

Quietly Concerned

Tags: singer/songwriter, guitar, folk, easy going, relaxed, under CC BY SA ND license

Quietly Concerned aka Kyle has a lovely voice really! He plays the guitar with that, which ends up in some beautiful, dreamy songs. On his website he states you can do with his music what ever you like, as long as it’s not for commercial purposes. If it is, you can reach out to him. About his Creative Commons adventure he says:

[…] I think it’s important in the rapidly changing music industry, that we explore different ways of making and sharing music so that we can build a music industry that makes sense for both artists and listeners. I may very well fail in this experiment, but I’m going to give it a good go. I hope that you’ll understand if I have to change the way I do things in the future, I expect to fail a lot in my life, if I don’t then I haven’t been brave enough.

You can also find him on his second, kind of more personal website.

Uniform Motion

Tags: singer/songwriter, folk, pop, under CC BY SA NC license

Renaud Forestié (illustrations), Olivier Piotte (drums/keys) and Andy Richards (guitars/vocals) are Uniform Motion. Their music can be described as indie-rolk, and it has definitely a singer/songwriter guitary, lovely sound. They got four albums online, 27 tracks, so enough to choose from 🙂

Last but not least

As you see this list is much shorter than previous one. But if you got an artist that should fit in here – or in the other list – definitely let me know! Give a shoutout here or under the Creative Commons video 🙂
Hope it helps!