Where do I find good music for my Youtube videos? As a newby or even an experienced Youtuber, this is one of the questions dominating your life.

Ok, maybe I exaggerate a bit 😉 But finding good music for your videos, especially if you want it to be Creative Commons music, can suck up a lot of time! That’s why I will share my favorite websites for finding good Creative Commons artists and music.

If you’re not sure yet what Creative Commons music actually is and what the different licenses mean, I’d suggest you check out the video down below. I do my best to explain everything as bright and clear as possible:

Besides the list of websites were I find my music, I also made an other article …… etc

And now it’s done with the talking. Off to business!
Here are the CC websites I love to use. Some for a long time, some recently discovered.
In alphabetical order:


Tags: well known website, instrumental, easy to search, electronic, all kinds of music and vibes, CC BY license

Jason Shaw, Pittsburgh, is the  heart and soul behind Audionautix. Most of the music on the website is from his hand, though he also works with guest composers. You can search through his website on genre, mood or even tempo. There is all kinds of music. As he states himself:

Some of the pieces here are background to talk over, while some are full blown pieces suitable to sit and listen to. I love sharing this music with you, and hope it helps you in your life in some small way to complete a project, or brightens your day.

Audionautix is a popular website. Searching through the songs you might find some tunes that sound very familiar from your favorite Youtubers 😉


Tags: All kinds of music, easy to search, instrumental, CC ND license

Huh, CC ND license?! But I am not allowed to use that in my video! Well technically you’re right, but in the case of Bensound it’s a different story. On his FAQ page he clearly explains the ND license is because he doesn’t want anyone to make new songs with his music. Using them in a video he states, is perfectly fine. You can even monetize. So there you go!

This is a website I only recently found out about. There are many songs in different categories. From acoustic and folk to electronic. You can listen the first song of an album on the homepage, and clicking on the album will show the rest. Haha, at first I thought he only had one song in each categorie 😉


Tags: various artists, various feels and genres, various licenses

This is one of the first websites I found myself for creative commons music, but now I almost forgot about it! I used it a lot in the beginning, but recently not anymore I guess. Or I downloaded everything I loved already 🙂
It’s easy to search this website, also if you’re looking for one specific kind of license, feel or keyword. I should look into this page again!

Free Music Archive

Tags: various artists, various genres, different CC licenses, easy searchable

You can search on genre, name, which license you prefer…. Free Music Archive makes it really easy! You can find singer/songwriters here, but also classical music if you’d like. Huh, but am I not always able to use classic music? Well, for the rights of the one making it, if it’s years and years ago, probably yes. But the musicians playing the part also have their rights! So also classical music should be under a CC license. I found some great (and famous) ones on this website, along with tons of other music. Just go to the search option and select the licenses you like, take an afternoon to scroll, and focus on your editing again without worrying over music 😉


Tags: sound effects, several licenses

This website is not really meant for songs and music, but mainly for sound effects. All your beeps, blops and burps can be found here. Check the license or filter what you want. There are even 0 licenses, which means you don’t even need to attribute.


Tags: various composers, under CC BY license, all types of feels and styles

GoSoundtrack.com is run by a group of composers, a manager, speaker, web developer, graphic designer…. They provice sounds with all kinds of feels and vibes. You can also ask them to produce something especially for you, which would provide them some income! Composers can sign up and join in on the website.
Note that you can click on every album and get more songs with the same vibe that way. Maybe it was me, but at the beginning I didn’t notice and just thought they had one of each ‘vibe’ in the library 😉 Haha. Pleasant surprise though to find out there is more!


Tags:  well known website, instrumental, all kinds of music, easy to search, CC BY license

Incompetech.com is the brainchild of Kevin MacLeod.  There are many good tunes available, used by many Youtubers so far. You can search on feel, genre but also length of the song. Since it’s only instrumental music, it’s great as background music. What I also like about Incompetech (and also Audionautix by the way) is you can find some specific world music here. So you can use music with an Arabic or Eastern feel – instead of just putting electronic music under every video.


Tags: Various artists, all kinds of music, uneasy to search, multiple licenses

I used to LOVE Jamendo, untill they changed their search system and layout. Especially the first one is annoying. You can’t search on licensing anymore, so if you did find a good song, it is always a surprise if you’re able to use it in the end. I’ve found myself so many times ending up with an amazing song that’s under an ND license… And then that song sticks in your head and all the other songs you find just don’t seem right as perfect as the first one. Jamendo also tends to go into French or German by surprise, without any notice. I have no idea why that happens, but just go to jamendo.com/en and you should be fine again.
Anyway, everything used to be better in the past. I still get a lot of my music comes from Jamendo, it just takes more time to search.

For this website I’d suggest you to take some time off to search through multiple artists. Immediately check under what license their first song is, mostly the rest of their songs are under the same. If you found one with a CC license that works for you, go through their songs and safe for later! Also: many of the artists I like from here are in my other article.


Tags: soundtracks, upbeat, short and sweet, no CC license found but check statement website

Just recently discovered this website in my Creative Commons search, and didn’t find the time yet to fully explore it. There’s no mention of Creative Commons, though they state on their website you can use their songs for your Youtube video or advertising, only needing to provide a link back to their website. Which sounds like CC BY right…?
They have some sweet and short tracks on their homepage, which make out perfect for an intro for example!
If you tried them, please let me know your experiences in the comments 🙂


Tags: Guitar, piano, singer songwriter, indie, rock, well known website, easy to search, CC BY license

Josh Woodward is a great singer songwriter from the United States. There are more than 200 songs available on his website, all made by Josh himself. You can scroll through his library easily or select moods like ‘Hard and Dark’ or ‘Fast and Fun’. All music is available under CC BY license, and Josh also explains really clearly on his website how you give the proper credit. Note if you don’t give the proper credits, your video will get claimed by Youtube until you do (no idea how that works, but it happened to me). From his website:

Here’s the format I prefer for attribution:
Music – “SONG TITLE HERE” by Josh Woodward. Free download: http://joshwoodward.com/

If you need to tweak the layout to fit the format of other attributed works, that’s fine, as long as you keep my name, the song title, and website URL.

The songs are also all available as instrumental versions. Which is great! Sometimes you don’t want a vocalist, for example when you’re doing a voice over. Or you can start with Josh singing, and when the voice over comes you continue with only the music. Having both the instrumental version and the original song, gives you a lot of possibilities.


Tags: Electronic, various artists, well known website, easy to use, easy to search, multiple licenses.

This is a famous one, used by many big and small Youtubers. Not all the music in here is under a Creative Commons license, but because the website contains so many artists, even if only a small percentage of them uses CC, there is still a lot to choose from. What you’ll mainly find on this website is electronic music. All kind of dance, dub step, house, you name it!

If you only want to search songs with a Creative Commons license, fill in what you search for on top of the screen. After you get the results, click on the left on ‘TRACKS’. A new screen will appear. On the left side of this screen you can see ‘Filter Results’. The last option says: ‘© – to listen to’. Click on ‘© – To listen to’ and change it into ‘To use commercially’ or ‘To modify commercially’
That’s it!

Note that some artists make their songs available for downloads on Soundcloud – but don’t mention a CC license. I heard from other Youtubers it sometimes works to just contact them and ask if you can use their music for a video, giving them back the attribution. I never tried it, but might be a good tip 🙂

Within Soundcloud – NoCopyrightSounds

Tags: electronic, various artists, CC BY license, easy to search

There are a lot of artists within SoundCloud that are interesting. I name a few of them in my other article ‘My favorite Creative Commons music artists’. Though if you want a whole bunch of artists selected, it’s worth it to check out NoCopyrightSounds. They collected Creative Commons artists, and also make a ‘best of’ track every now and then. It’s mostly electronic music, but all under CC license.
You can also visit their Youtube channel and receive the new songs right into your Youtube feed.

Vimeo Music Store

Tags: various artists, all kinds of music, easy to search, various licenses

If the Youtube Youtube Audio Library exists, why not the Vimeo Music Store? Where the Youtube Audio Library only has CC BY music or music without a license, the Vimeo Music Store has multiple licenses. So be careful you don’t end up with a non commercial license for a commercial video! Fortunately it’s very easy to search on license. Some of the music you need to pay a little for.
I must honestly say I rarely use this website, because I always tend to forget about it. Maybe should read my own article for inspiration here every now and then 😉

Youtube Audio Library

Tags: well known website, instrumental, various artists, easy to search, CC BY or even no attribution needed

This might be one of the first places where you start searching for music when you enter youtube. The Youtube Audio Library! It’s a big library that mixes CC BY songs (also from Audionautix.com and Incompetech.com) with songs that don’t even need attribution. The song I always use in my intro, is from the Youtube Audio Library.
I got a lot of music myself here at the beginning, and then just figured I was done with it. But recently I rediscovered the Library. Because new music keeps coming in and they have a lot to choose from, it’s good to come back every once in a while.