In a previous article I already shared my favorite Creative Commons websites. Some of them however contain so many artists with even more songs under all kinds of licenses – it’s hard to find exactly what you need.
So let me share my favorite Creative Commons artists from a.o. SoundCloud, Jamendo, Free Music Archive and Youtube.

If you’re not sure what Creative Commons music is, and how you can use this music in your Youtube videos, please check out the little video I made about it 🙂

The music shared in this post is under CC BY or CC BY SA license. So you can use everything (also) commercially.
Note that these artists do make their work available for free, but you can support them! Only a few dollars for a track, a share on your social media, or a like on their social media – it’s all very helpful and highly appreciated.

Alright, let’s cut the talking, and get right into it! Click on the name of an artist to go directly to their songs / website.
In Alphabetical order:

Admiral Bob

Tags: vocals, blues, R&B, funky, under CC BY license.

Feels like Admiral Bob is with me for a long time already, which he is since he’s been one of the first CC artists I found in my Youtube journey. The name his parents gave him is Richard Bethell and his music is experimental at times, but also has a blues feel to it. Used some of his songs already in multiple videos. He also has his own website.

Amarante Music

Tags: mysterious, indie folk, CC BY license, including vocals

Amarante Music is a duo from Los Angeles County, named Josh & Jysi. Their music is dreamy and described on their own channels as indie folk. They also have their own website and Youtube channel, but I found them on SoundCloud. Fast scrolling through all the tracks on SoundCloud is very easy (more easy than Youtube I believe) – that’s why I put the SoundCloud link up first. I really like their sound, it’s definitely different from most of the electronic music you find on SoundCloud under CC license! I’ve not been able to use them in my vids much yet, but definitely planning on it!

Artificial Music

Tags: all kind of styles, mysterious, CC BY license

Aryll Fae is a musician, programmer and artist who makes her work available ‘for whatever purpose you’d like’ – as she states on her website. The music is not fast and funky, but slow and ambient. Different from most music found on SoundCloud, which makes it a great alternative!

Chris Zabriskie

Tags: piano, composer, emotional, calm and easy, minimal, cinematic, under CC BY license

Chris is a musician from Florida, creating minimal music, mostly on piano. I like his Preludes – just a piano and nothing more!
You can also find him on SoundCloud.

David Amber

Tags: vocals from different vocalists, upbeat, great vibes, under CC BY license

I’ve used so many of his songs already, in so many of my videos! The sound David (USA) produces is really professional and the songs have a very cool vibe to them. He worked with professional brands and TV Series – there is a reason for that! David is one of the artists I have also been in touch with by email – he is an amazingly friendly guy. Working hard on his career I believe! Soms versions have also instrumental only tracks available, which is great if you want to mix with a voice over.

Also check out Davids website, or facebook or twitter – or just all of them 😉

David Mumford

Tags: singer/songwriter, instrumental, guitar, feel good, CC BY license

I recently discovered David during my big-whole-afternoon search through the Free Music Archive. He has quite some songs available. Some also instrumental only (guitar music). His songs are under CC BY license, just perfect 😀 David is a singer/songwriter from the UK, Brighton – but that’s all I know about this mysterious man! Oh, and that he has a nice voice of course 🙂

Del Sound

Tags: Tropical House, Melodic House, Chill Vibes, CC BY license

I found out about Del Sound through an other Youtuber – Brendan from B Adventures.
Love the summervibes in his songs! And also love it this guy is great to communicate with 🙂
You can also find him on SoundCloud.
Note you pay a little for some of his songs, but you can use them commercially after a little donation!

Check out my favorite song of him:

Doctor Turtle

Tags: instrumental, folk, under CC BY license, dreamy

There are 36 tracks to choose from, and the quality of these songs is quite nice!! Not sure about the background or real name of Dr. T. – but let the music speak for him 🙂

You can also find him, and donate, on Bandcamp.
Note that more of the artists in this list are also to be found on Bandcamp!

Löhstana David

Tags: guitar, singer/songwriter, french, vocals and instrumental only, folk, under CC BY SA license

Löhstana describes himself as a self-taught lone wolf, building music texts and images. His collection of music is fully and freely available under a CC license, which is great for people like me! His sound is happy and playful. Also refreshing, his songs aren’t in English for a change 🙂 This man is french! Got his own website too, which you must check out. The design and the little puppets…. just amazing!

McFarland Beats

Tags: electronic, gaming, under CC BY license

Just discovered McFarland. He shares a decent amount of tracks. For my channel it’s not very useful since the sound isn’t what I am looking for, but I can imagine if you run a gaming channel or something like that, some of his tracks might come in useful! He also runs his own website, stating he doesn’t create music anymore nowadays.

Mind Orchestra (the)

Tags: alternative, fusion, spiritual, instrumental and vocal, new age, under CC BY SA license

As the orchestra introduces theselves:

The Mind Orchestra is a 30+ member Internet group, that create their music using online sessions and file sharing. We have people from almost every corner of the globe that contribute to the music, with a extremely varied palette of instruments and sounds that create sonic landscapes that are a fusion of cultures.

Their music is different from many other types, which comes in very useful at times! I found them because I was looking for something with a Chinese feel into it, which they provided 🙂


Tags: singer/songwriter, spiritual, woman voice, CC BY license and CC BY SA license

Mirva is also known as Madelaine Vallin, a Sweden born singer/songwriter. Her voice has something angel like in it. She did quite a good job in several Swedish music competitions, check out her website for more about that. With her music she wants to create ‘feel-good, inspirational and serotonin-raising musical experiences’.
Note some of her music is under the CC BY license, other songs carry a CC BY SA license.


Tags: all types of music feels and vibes, under CC BY SA license

Javier Suárez is the man behind Jahzzar. He creates all kind of music: electronic, dance, folk, ambient… you name it! I found him on SoundCloud, but he also has his own website, with statements around the use of his music. Note he works under a CC BY SA license, so you also should make your own work available as creative commons to use his songs.

Jeffrey Philip Nelson

Tags: singer/songwriter, folk, pop, guitar, under CC BY License

Jeffrey (USA) is recording his music since 2010 – learning himself how to record and release. He describes his music as Folk-Americana-Pop. You’ll find four of his nine albums under CC license on Jamendo (click on the title).
He’s got a website that pleases the eye, and where you can get his music on vinyl – how cool is that! Ok, not useful for your Youtube vids which this article is focussing on. But still really cool!

Joakim Karud

Tags: electronic, CC BY license, happy, upbeat

Joakim Karud is a popular musician from Sweden. I’ve not listened to all of his songs, but the ones I know are happy, upbeat and make you feel like summer is in the house! I found him on Soundcloud but he has his own website too, where he explains exactly what you can and can not do with his music.
While there is a lot of electronic music available under CC license on SoundCloud, Joakim Karud makes some of the best in his genre. So definitely check him out!

Melanie Ungar

Tags: singer/songwriter, pop, country, vocals, under CC by license

This girl has a great voice!! It will be amongst the best CC music you’ll find, also very well recorded. Melanie Ungar is an early 20’s singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. Her sound can be described as pop/country.
Also make sure to get in touch with her on Facebook and Youtube.

Music for Makers

I don’t remember exactly how I found out about Logan, the man behind Music for Makers, but I do get a fresh Creative Commons song in my mailbox now every week. Which is amazing! Just click on Music for Makers here in the title, which will guide you to his website. You can sign up and get an email with a free-to-use song every week. Also you can upgrade to a pro license, which will give you the opportunity to use all the music Music for Makers has in store.
What I love about Logan is his personal approach. I had some email contact with him over the last months, and he is a really heartwarming, friendly dude! He’s also on Youtube, so you can check out his videos as well.

This video for example is really handy, where he talks about where to find Free Stock Video Footage.

Nicolai Heidlas

Tags: Soundtrack, pop, instrumental, instrumental, CC BY license

Nicolai provides us with a whole lot of instrumental, amazing songs, very usable in your youtube videos!!! Download links are in the descriptionbox. Won’t say too much about him, just check him out!!

Scott Jacobs

Tags: Singer/songwriter, guitar, feel good, under CC BY SA license

I only recently discovered Scott, but love the sound of his voice!! He got his graduation in Jazz studies and performed all over the world, even though he’s only in his early twenties. His music is available under a CC BY SA license, so also the work you create with it should carry a CC license. He doesn’t have many songs online available, but he’s definitely a little gem I feel 🙂 Haven’t used him in my vids yet, but planning on doing so soon!

Silent Partner

Tags: youtube audio library, country, pop, rock, no CC – no attribution needed

I think everyone on Youtube, consciously or without knowing, has heard at least one song of Silent Partner. They’re in the Youtube Audio library, and their songs are to be used without even giving credits. I name them, because the song I use for my intro comes from them – Sugar Zone. Couldn’t go through this list, without showing them (or him? or her?) some love!!

Steady Hussle

Tags: rock, including vocals, drum and guitar, under CC BY license

Joey Mossman is the musician behind Steady Hussle. An alternative rock musician as he describes himself from Ontario.
His music is rock, and he does a good job at that! Note that only his first album on Jamendo is under CC By license. The second one has two songs under CC BY ND – so you can’t use that in a Youtube video.
I used one of his songs in my Jordan video, it makes up for great road music!!

VIDEO JORDAN!!! + Tijd waar hij gebruikt wordt.

Steven O’Brien

Tags: gaming music, electronic, different styles, soundtracks, under CC BY license

Steven O’Brien makes electronic soundtracks that work very well in video games. You can find all kind of styles, and a lot, yes a lot of different songs and loops on his SoundCloud! He also has his own website where you can find his statement about Creative Commons, or ask him to write something specific for your project.
I haven’t used any of his songs myself yet. I just need a few hours of scrolling through all his music and find what fits my style I believe. Just found out about him!


Tags: virtual band,  profound audio journey, different vibes and feels, under CC BY SA license

Tryad is one of the world’s first ‘virtual bands.’ Artists link to – a website also providing Creative Commons music. It has a bit of a hard search system though (not easy to scroll through all the music fast) so I never used it before.
Anyhow, Tryad is a very cool initiative with multiple artists coming together online and create music. They call it a profound audio journey….. just check out on their Jamendo page what that means 😀


Tags: dance, electronic, cinematic rap, Under CC BY license

I saw people using Vexento’s music, but couldn’t find his CC license anywhere. Getting in tough with him (Alexander by the way 🙂 he got back to me really quick, stating:

My music has always been, and will always be 100% free to download and use! (Also for videos that are monetized. That’s not a problem)

It is electronic music, but very well made! With or without vocals, some with real summer vibes. Love that as a travel vlogger! He describes himself as someone not sticking to one type of music – so should be something for all of us 🙂
Haven’t used his songs yet, but will try it out soon.

NOTE – even though there’s not a CC license there, don’t forget to attribute!

Last but not least

Just a little disclaimer: sometimes it happens that an artist does put his or her music online under a CC license, but still it get’s claimed on Youtube, with the artist receiving all the money and the videographer getting none. That is kind of annoying. Not to be ungrateful for anyone sharing their music for free, that’s amazing really! But if you think you get something under a CC BY license and then it get’s claimed and one of the artist you use (I always use multiple in one video) just get’s all the money for it – that’s just not what you’re expecting. Especially if you search long and really go for CC Music.

If anything like that happens with an artist from this list, please let me know! I’ve filtered out the ones who did that to me in the past, and will keep on doing that.

Also: keep on checking this article for updates. If I find a new one that’s good, it will be up here.
Share yours too! So it only grows 🙂

Good luck! And now chou chou, off to some kick ass editing 😉