yTot rust komen Wallis, Zwitserland

I’m Grietje. A TV Presenter, Youtuber and Voice-over from the Netherlands. I got my travelbug after several European hitchhiking adventures.
From sleeping on the beach in Croatia, making new friends in Athens and the never-ending nights on Sziget festival.

What I particularly loved where those moments we ended up in a spot we never heard about before. The greatest adventures, the biggest surprised and the friendliest people hide in those places.


In february 2015 I started the Youtube channel TravelGretl. To combine my passion for videography with my love for traveling and meeting new people.

I am proud of the video’s I am able to produce, but most of my joy comes from you, the people watching. Viewers exciting about spotting their own home – or their grandma – in my videos. Travelers sending messages about these new destination they found through the vids, where they had an amazing time.
Those moments put a smile on my face for the rest of the day!

Of course I can’t run TravelGretl all by myself. Or maybe I could, but it’s just more fun together 😉

So meet Sander too. The man behind many shots, who happens to have the best oneliners as well. If you look very closely, you might catch a glimpse of Sander in some of the movies. In my very first Philippines series, or this very memorable trip through China and Tibet for example.

If you’re a loyal follower you probably have seen Riske pop up as well. If you like what I do with video, you’ll love what she does.

We made the ‘Heart of Switzerland‘ series together recently, and I found out we’re an amazing duo together. With Riske focussing on the best shots and crisp clear sounds, I deal with the story and presentation. And we have so much fun when we’re on the road!

If you’re curious about Riske and her work in photography and videography, check out her website (Dutch only).
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. With a comment under one of the videos, or simply by mail!

With love,