Tagong, a horse ride on the roof of the world

Tagong is a small village, on the road from Litang to Kanding. We were really looking forward to it, mainly because of the beautiful...

Litang, a piece of Tibet in Sichuan, China

It's one of the highest places on earth, even higher than Lhasa! Visiting this place is really experiencing the roof of the world. Amoungst...

Travel to Shangri-La (Zongdian), Yunnan, China

Just like Lijiang, the main attraction of Shangri-la is it's old town. Or I should say: it was the main attraction, because there is...

Travel to Lijiang, Yunnan, China

We start our journey through Yunnan and the Kham region in the old town of Lijiang (pronounce: Li-djang). It reminded me of venice actually:...

Yunnan and Kham: overlanding from Lijiang to Chengdu

Visiting China for the first time this summer, we really wanted to experience Tibet. It's been a dream of mine for a long time....

Hikes near Amsterdam – the Kennemer Dunes National Park

The Kennemer Dunes National Park is a great escape from Amsterdams busy city center. A long stretched area full of sand, trees, all kind...

I’m Grietje. A 29 year old tv host and voice-over from the Netherlands. I got my travelbug after multiple European hitchhiking adventures.
From sleeping on the beach in Croatia to the long nights on Sziget festival. The ultimate feeling of freedom!
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